About Us

Shantell Rene', as the founder and creator of Black Nurture, I want to introduce you to my community to The Nurturing Club. Where we nurture the mind, body, and spirit. This nurturing lifestyle is all about all-natural beauty products, plants, and manifestation. Our whipped Shea butters offer a variety of benefits to your skin + hair and can be used by all ages and gender types. Join The Nurturing Club today by following us on social media, purchasing products, and subscribing to our newsletter. 


Black Nurture was created for so many reasons. The first was to treat my children's skin that suffered from eczema. After trying several different types of topicals, the side effects would leave blemishes. We all have beautiful brown skin and in 2017 I no longer wanted to use any creams or ointments that contained steroids or chemicals. I started using all-natural oils, such as coconut oil and tea tree oil.

After doing research, my husband and I realize our culture has been using Shea butter for skin and hair for over hundreds of years. Shea butter has many healing and soothing powers for plenty of skin conditions. It's a great moisturizer for all hair and scalp types as well. We came across this beautiful organization that produces raw Shea butter from Ghana. This black owned company is committed to employing local Ghanaian women, which allows them to feed their families and re-invest back into their communities. A true inspiration and it has given us even more of a reason to share with our community.

We started making whipped Shea butter with a few different essential oils. It didn't take long for us to figure out the best recipe. Days later after using it, we noticed a change in our skin and both children. A true transformation! Years later after testing and sharing with family and friends, we decided to launch. 

There's so much more we plan to offer to our community so stay tuned. Not only are we a brand, but Black Nurture is also a lifestyle. The goal is to KEEP NURTURING your mind, body and spirit!