All-Natural Whipped Shea Butter

Our whipped Shea butter is formulated with all-natural ingredients. Quality Shea butter from Ghana along with other ingredients carefully picked to provide nurture to your skin and hair. Nurturing ourselves in a natural way has always been a necessity. Shea butter use has been dated back hundreds of years as an invaluable skin and hair care product.

Black Nurture is proud to provide you with an ancient beauty secret, curated for the people by the people.

Nurturing your mind, body, and spirit.


Bundle of Nurturing Shea Butters

Bundle of Nurturing Shea Butters

MOTHERLAND Where is all started. Literally the Motherland (Africa), our Shea butter... 

Best Seller

Best Seller


  • Karen S.- South Carolina, 08/2021

    I purchased Motherland and Lavish Love Shea butters. I use the Motherland after a long day at the beach. It restores and replenishes my skins moisture. It is amazing on sunburns!

    I slather on the Lavish Love at night after a nice shower. I love the smell and it makes my skin so much softer than regular lotion or creams. If you haven’t purchased yours, what are you waiting for. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Dearie- Maryland, 02/2022

    My daughters and myself suffer from eczema, especially on our hands. After using Motherland Shea butter for about two weeks, we noticed a significant difference on how our hands felt and looked.I just put it an for two more jars! I am so happy we were referred to Black Nurture.

  • Nila- Louisiana, 09/2021

    "I've been using Black Nurture Flourish Rose for almost a month now and I love it! It's light enough for the warmer days but still heavy enough to keep me moisturized all day. No greasy feeling like other Sheabutters and leaves your skin soft & glowing. A little goes a very long way and it
    smells amazing."

    Flourish Rose 
  • Rev. Debbie - Maryland, 09/2021

    I LOVE Motherland! My skin is so soft and smooth now! Because I'm diabetic and have super dry skin, I was extremely surprised. It's been rubbed in for 20 minutes now and it's still smooth and soft! Touchdown for Black Nurture! Thank you!!

  • Kia - Maryland- 09/2021

    I had a really bad reaction to a bee sting. I put Black Nurture's Shea butter with the tea tree oil on it and my rash started clearing within the day. This stuff is amazing!

  • Michelle B. - Kentucky, 10/2021

    ”During the summer my daughter suffers from eczema. We have tried topical steroids, oatmeal baths and more to give her some relief from scratching until the area bleeds. It spreads on her legs and arms. We started using Motherland and finally she has some relief!! The inflammation in the area has subsided and it appears to be healing, not to mention she ask for her Mother Nurture cream by name!! We found magic in a jar.”

  • Latoya B. - Maryland, 04/2022

    I love the Lavish Love whipped Shea Butter, it has a nice and relaxing smell. When I put it on my skin, I feel relaxed and free. The most important thing that I love about this Shea Butter is that it cleared my dry skin! It’s really worth buying.

    Lavish Love 
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